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I'm Nikki, Miami's most popular escort — welcome to my world!

I've lived all over this great country, but for the past six years Miami, Florida has been my home. Warm weather year round, great nightlife, beautiful beaches and beautiful people — what's not to love! If you visit, live in or vacation in Miami, and want the services of an escort in Miami, Florida, you definitely want to give me a call. That's easy to do — just visit the Contact page to send me a note telling me when you plan on being in Dade County. I'm a 5' 6" natural blonde, with curves in all the right places!






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miami escorts

An escort agency is the sort of enterprise that offers companionship services to guys that do not prefer to step out without a companion. There's a familiar myth concerning the term "escort service." Individuals commonly think of escort services as brothels that employ the companionship expression as a cover. The reality is that an escort servicing company does not hire prostitutes to work for them.

Nevertheless, it is likely that the female escorts works out a confidential agreement with their client in regard to sexual favors. Often, it is just a lap dance or strip show in a private room. However, in regards to sex that is paid for, then that's when it could cross the bounds of the law. So, always take caution when considering situations that involve paid for sex.

While looking for an escort provider it's important that a person opt for a reputable service that's truly licensed with the state. You will find a lot of bogus advertisements on classified advertisements sites that are popular, like Backpage and Craigslist, that claim to be escort services when they're actually not. Rather, it is going to end up being a person who will take you to the girl's room in order to rob you.

Or the female will have a guy waiting in the room to rob you. There are plenty of stories such as this described in the media, therefore do not turn out to be a sufferer by responding to a fictitious escort services advertisement. Craigslist appears to bring lots of dangerous people that like to abuse the personals category. In fact, there once was a sexual service category, however it eventually got removed following a violent event happened in Dade County.

Doesn't this only make you wish to spend a bit extra to go with a professional organization, like the one I work with? Over at miamibeachfl.gov they note that an authorized escort service will provide you with peace of mind that you'll be engaging with a dependable escort service that has literally screened their escorts extensively. It isn't very difficult to discover these professional establishments either. Hey, I work for one right here in Miami! All you should do is search for a highly regarded escort service's website like Miami Babe Finder to find a call girl. Sadly, a lot of folks don't do this given that these agencies are likely to command a bit more money than the escorts that are unlicensed.

If you're a solitary man that is having trouble finding a woman then you're probably thinking, "Do I want an escort? What will she be like?" These are questions which you don't have to be worried with, although they're applicable questions. Bear in mind escorts are not supposed to be prostitutes, so you don't have to be worried about hiring one if you simply want a companion for the evening.

Plus, a lot of escort businesses have websites which permit you to look at photos of their escorts. This enables clients to understand precisely who will be coming to their doorway before they arrange for the escort service. Of course, the escort services bill a good amount of cash for offering an escort. The least expensive fees are approximately $150 per hour, though others can ask for up to $500 per hour.

Everything depends upon what you are going to have the females do for you and where you live. If you're merely interested in simple company in a small or medium sized city, then you will likely get a reasonable hourly price. When you are planning to have the woman do anything further than this it will be a bit more cash.